Use of cow's milk to protect children from obesity

Use of cow's milk to protect children from obesity

If you want to protect your children from excess body weight or obesity, start using them more with cow's milk..

This was revealed in a Canadian medical study.

A study by St. Michael's Hospital of Unity Health in Toronto found that children who consume cow's milk more often have a 40 percent lower chance of obesity.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, analyzed 28 research reports from seven countries and examined the relationship between cow's milk use and obesity risk in children.

None of the research reports on 21,000 children between the ages of 1 and 18 found that low-fat milk protects children from obesity, while 18 out of 28 reports indicate that children who drink cow's milk. Of course, obesity is less likely than others.

Dr Jonathan Magor, from St. Michael's Hospital, said that our analysis showed that children who consume low-fat milk do not have lower body weight than those who are breastfeeding.

Further research will highlight the reasons for the reduction in risk of milk and obesity, he said.

He added that all the research reports that we reviewed were observational, meaning we cannot say with certainty that high fat cow's milk reduces the risk of excess body weight or obesity, possibly because of this milk. Is linked to other factors that reduce the likelihood of obesity.

He said that controlled research in this regard would help to identify the cause and cause that cannot currently be explored in the research reports.



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