Posted on Dec 4, 2019

Let's do it. Alright, so we're gonna start this workout off on the floor.

Dumbell Situps

We're gonna start with 10 dumbbell situps, straight up, to the side, and the other side. And then we're gonna go for Russian twists. So let's go for it, guys. 
Amazing. We're gonna rest for 10 to 15 seconds in between each movement. 
Just so you guys can keep going with that flow, and you don't, try not to cut in between every single exercise, try to make it the whole way through without stopping. So here we go with 10 reps. We're going to the right side. Alright. Let's wait a little bit, get that little break, that 10 seconds. Now we're gonna finish up with the left side. Let's go for 10 reps.

Russian Twist

So, now we're gonna go for some Russian twists. You want to keep your feet up, And you hold your two hands and touch on both sides. So we're gonna hit seconds inside for 20 reps. So let's go for it.
Alright. So that's the first part of the workout. Let's go. So now we're gonna do something a little different and we're gonna use some weights to help with that core. When you use weights with your abs, it makes your abs pop out. To give it that, like, brick look. So we're gonna go for that. So the first thing we're gonna do, is we're gonna get on the right side, 

Dumbell standing side crunches

We're gonna do dumbbell standing side crunches. Down to the knee, back up to the waist. Let's go for 10 reps.
Alright, let's switch to the other side. Wait, catch your breath. Let's go for 10 reps. Alright, put it down for a second. Okay, so you guys want to make sure that you're not pulling with your arm when you're doing this. Your arm is hanging, you're just holding on tight, and you're letting your body and your side bring that weight up and down.

Dumbell standing front crunches

So you're gonna crunch down to the front, reach the knee, and try to come back up to the waistline.10 on each side. Start with the right, here we go. Down to the knee, go for 10 reps. Switch sides now. Again go for 10 reps. Alright. 
So, you wanna choose a weight that challenges you. As you can see, we're all using different weights. As long as it's challenging you, and you're feeling that tension. 

Ab Wheels

We're gonna do these, 10. These are tough, I love these. So, you wanna wheel out, and come back in. We're gonna go for 10.If you find these difficult, just go out as far out as you comfortable enough to be able to come back in. And eventually, you'll be able to go out deeper and deeper.If you feel like you can even begin to do this, you can start doing it on your knees. And Maga can show us what that looks like. So we're gonna go for 10 reps. Alright. So, we're almost done.
This is the last part of the exercise. We're gonna go down onto the floor


We're going in a plank, and we're gonna bring our knee up, touch one side, and touch the other side. If you can't touch, try to get as close as you can. We're gonna go for 20. Then we're gonna go, hold a plank, and go up and down 20 times, and lastly, we're gonna do a plank, and go side to side 20 times. And that completes our workout for today. So let's go for  20 reps, plank knees to elbow, you don't want to do this as fast as you can, we're gonna go to the next ones. 

Plank up

Plank up and down. We gonna go for 10 reps, and use our last little break. We're about to finish. The first round. So here we go. We're gonna go plank, side to side. We’ll go for 20 reps. Alright, there you have it. Our ab workout. And that is how you stay fit year-round. As you can see we'recreating monsters over here. Believe it or not, if you guys are in Miami, you want to stop by our gym, because we're now open. 


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