Top Demonic Hauntings Recorded Across Pakistan

Top Demonic Hauntings Recorded Across Pakistan

The word haunted is itself apparitional. When it comes to ghosts, spirits and other supernatural stuff different cultures and religions have different beliefs and traditions. We sure of one thing that haunted places exist everywhere in the world. In Pakistan, the majority of the population believes in ghosts and supernatural phenomena. Usually, it is taught that ghosts like to reside in old buildings or some far-flung isolated natural places. There are numerous places in Pakistan that people claim the undead even today but the top of them are described as follows:

Dalmia Road - Bride of Karsaz - Karachi 

People believe that this road is the home of the bride of karsaz that rests in the middle of this patch of road, which people claim forever seems haunted. The bride’s home is a small insignificant graveyard. It is said that there is a jilted bride that awaits late-night travelers on the Dalmia road that connects with Karsaz. If a traveler passes her while going home, something usually causes them to stop, and suddenly she appears as a beautiful woman dressed in bridal red. The stunning beauty waves as if she needs a ride or help to speak a language no one seems to understand. As you look at her face, you will see it start to turn into something else and maggots begin to come out of her face. Some say they have been chased by her screaming while others were able to flee without a sound.

Z block DHA Phase 3 - Lahore 

People claim that there is a big haunted house in DHA Phase 3 Sector Z, which has been subjected to several exorcisms but the ghosts refuse to leave despite the owner’s attempt. Residents have apparently been chased, thrown about and eventually scared away from the house. The house now stands vacant, its price having crashed.

Chowkandi Graveyard – Karachi

It is basically a most ancient graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi. It is also considered as one of the most haunted graveyards. Overall the Chowkandi graveyard has its own ancient beauty that attracts visitors, but nobody dares to visit it after the sunset as they would most likely experience some paranormal activities. According to the people who live nearby, they heard people shouting and apparition have also been witnessed. Not to forget the great factor of black magic, usually done in this graveyard with the animal’s head.

Shamshan Ghat – Hyderabad

It is one of the most haunted places of Pakistan. It is believed that Hindus perform their burning and burial rituals of the dead in this place therefore it has many mysterious buried in it. The story of the guard is notable, it is said that one day a new guard had just come on the duty. He was given a night shift. While walking in Shamshan Ghat he noticed that children were playing, they pop out of nowhere and disappear just before sunrise. People living nearby claim that throughout the night strange voices are heard.
In nutshell, many people have reported experiencing some sort of supernatural activities in these places whether these accounts of supernatural experiences are true or not. Moreover, for sure visiting these places at night can give anyone shivers and also visiting these places alone is not for the faint of heart.



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