This Ramadan, help the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF)

This Ramadan, help the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF)

Posted on Apr 30, 2021

This Ramadan, by your Zakat and donation, supports the Patients' Aid Foundation (PAF) in its never-ending search to save the lives of vulnerable patients.

Islamabad:- As a developing nation, it is clear that Pakistan's healthcare system falls short of providing ideal healthcare to its people, especially the most vulnerable. Despite many attempts, Pakistan's healthcare system is in a tough process because a large majority of the population is from lower socioeconomic classes. Affluent groups face little obstacles and affordable healthcare is freely accessible from private health institutions. The less fortunate people of Pakistan, on the other hand, are severely disadvantaged because they are unable to access the high-quality healthcare that they so rightfully deserve.

Poverty remains one of the most significant obstacles to receiving high-quality healthcare. Because of financial uncertainty, there is a strong link between poverty and access to affordable healthcare. Lower-income people are unable to provide high-quality hospitals because the government is operating on a shoestring budget. Affording affordable healthcare coverage places a significant financial burden on low-income residents; many of these patients are unable to receive adequate medication or must postpone treatment due to financial constraints.

So it's not just doom and gloom. As a democracy, we should take a number of measures to assist our government in restructuring the country's healthcare system and policies. If you are fortunate enough, you will participate in the process of making high-quality healthcare available to all. There are several positive improvements that can be introduced to Pakistan's healthcare system with your contribution through Zakat or donation.

As the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we are also fortunate to be able to observe the Holy Month of Ramadan, which provides a lovely choice of Zakat to help ease the pain and suffering of less fortunate patients. The healthcare infrastructure can be strengthened quickly with Zakat and other grants, ensuring that high-quality healthcare facilities are accessible to our country's least fortunate residents.

The Patients' Aid Foundation (PAF) is a non-profit organization established in 1990 by a group of philanthropists concerned about the state of our country's healthcare system. PAF has supported the Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and the Government of Sindh in revolutionizing the healthcare environment at JPMC through public-private collaboration. PAF is a non-profit organization that is registered with the Ministry of Finance and Taxation under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

The Patients' Aid Foundation (PAF) offers affordable, high-quality healthcare to all people who come to JPMC in the hopes of receiving medication but cannot afford it. After its establishment, PAF has made significant strides in making universal healthcare accessible to everyone at JPMC. PAF also aided in the installation of some of the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art surgical devices at JPMC, and has assisted in the treatment of life-threatening diseases at no cost. For example, PAF is the only organization in Pakistan to have introduced two CyberKnife units, a PET-CT lab, and a Tomotherapy machine, both of which are used to treat cancer patients who are less fortunate. At JPMC, PAF has aided in the treatment of millions of deserving patients who were on the brink of losing hope and potentially their lives.

Contribute to the Patients' Aid Foundation's (PAF) mission during this Holy Month of Ramadan to assist in its never-ending quest to ensure that quality healthcare is available to the less fortunate. You may donate using a variety of ways, including the call to receive, money deposits, internet donations, and international remittances, all of which are detailed on the organization's website.


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