illiteracy Cause mental illness

illiteracy Cause mental illness

If you are reading this phrase, the good news is that your brain is substantially protected from life-threatening diseases.

In fact, people who are not able to read or Write have a 2 to 3 times higher risk of developing dementia, a condition that leads to mental retardation.

This was revealed in medical research conducted in the United States.

Columbia University's research evaluated nearly a thousand people over the age of 65 who had attended school for 4 years or more.

In a study published in the journal Medical Neurology, researchers tested volunteers' memory, language, hearing and visual ability, and those who read received the worst scores.

Researchers discovered that in people who are unable to read, the risk of dementia is almost 3 times higher than those who can read.

He said that the probable cause of the association between illiteracy and mental illness was lower than the level of mental functioning of such individuals.

He said that having the ability to read writing helps people get more involved in activities that involve the use of the brain, such as reading newspapers, helping children or their children to get school work done.

Previous research reports that such activities reduce the risk of dementia, as well as the ability to find mentally alternative solutions to various problems that help control Alzheimer's symptoms.

Research says that even if you have little education but people who are familiar with reading and writing, they have a lifetime of mental health benefits compared to those who do not.

Researchers say more research is needed to help understand how educational programs can help reduce the risk of dementia.



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