If you like walnuts, know the Benefits

If you like walnuts, know the Benefits

Posted on Nov 28, 2019

Did you know that eating walnuts daily for a few months improves the functioning of blood vessels?
However,  Reduce the cholesterol levels which are harmful to the body.
Be aware that impairment of blood vessel functions and an increase in bad cholesterol levels can make diabetes type two prone. In this regard, many researchers have stated in the past that walnuts are high in fatty acids, while it is also better in terms of calories.
In the past, a study was conducted during which more than 100 men and women were tested, of which 75 were at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Researchers fed them more than fifty grams of walnuts daily for six months, then came to the conclusion that people's dietary habits had improved and their risk of diabetes was reduced.
This research was published in the medical journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care.
Delaware University research also suggests that eating walnuts results in a lack of chemicals in the body that cause cells to cause infertility in men. In addition, another study also found that eating a few walnuts daily reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.
Walnuts nuts are always regarded as medically beneficial and are also considered best for the prevention of obesity.

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