Posted on Dec 10, 2019

So we're going to do How to Get a Bigger Back exercise. Okay, so let's break down today's workout. 

Weighted Pull-ups (Max Heavy)

We're going to start off with weighted pull-ups. We're going to max out heavy. So, that means to hit a low repetition, four, five, six, but just mainly go heavy. Also, definitely keep your form in this. Just because you're going heavy, doesn't mean that you're going to break your form. You still want to do it as perfect as possible. 

Switching Pull-ups (X10)

Going to move on to switching pull-ups. So a switching pull-up is basically doing a pull-up, every time you come down, just switch with one arm, come back up, switch with the other one, come back up, and so forth. We're going to go for 10. 
That's doing pull-ups, and we switch one-handed grip every single rep. We're going to go for 10. For the breaks in between, you guys can wait 30 seconds, really as long as it takes for you to be able to recuperate and go again using some good form. So here we go. Switching pull-ups, 10 times. That's it, alright. Feel free to breathe, and when you're ready, we'll go for it. One, two. So, all it takes is a little bit of determination, and willpower, that's really all it is. So, the wider you grab, the harder it is 

Archer Pull-ups(X10)

Next, we're going to go into archer pull-ups. We're going to do those 10 times. We're going to go into commando one arm negatives. It's a great move, especially for starting to develop that one arm pull-up. We're going to do four on each hand. The next one is the archer pull-ups. We're going to bring it over to here, for archers.  So, our goal is 10. But it's just a goal. What you really want to do is just do as many as you can, with perfect form, because the number isn't going to get you to the next level. It's the technique and your form, that's what's going to get you to the next level.

Assisted Front Lever Pull-ups (Max)

Then we're going to go into assisted front lever pull-ups. We're going to max those out, and once we're on our last one and we can't do anymore, we're just going to hold that position for as long as we can. Next, we're going to go into assisted front lever pull-ups. Take a minute, take a little second to catch our breath. Breathe in three seconds, exhale three seconds. It also helps when you breathe through your diaphragm. So when you're breathing in, you're filling up your stomach. When you breathe out, your stomach collapses. Let's do it for you.

Inverted row Pull-ups (X10)

Then we're going to go into inverted row pull-ups, we do 10 of those. Last but not least, we got Australian pull-ups. Alright. We're going to go watch over here. Make sure your body's straight, from your heel to your shoulder. And you are pulling to your chest, not to your neck, not to your chin, not anywhere else. Great. You got this. Here we go, last ones. That was crazy. Good, good, good, good, good. So for the last ones, you always gotta make them count. Let me get some chalk one last time. Man, when workout with no AC, your hands just get so sweaty. Let's go. Let's begin. Last one's closed grip. Here we go. Alright, you know, it's crazy, you see a lot of guys in the gym, big as hell, you know, lifting mad weights, but I guarantee you, half of them won't even survive half this workout. So that concludes How to Get a Big Back Workout.

Australian Pull-ups (X8 each)

Lastly, we're going to go back to the basics, and we're going to go into Australian pull-ups. We're going to do wide grip, shoulder width, and closed grip, and we're going to do eight reps for each of those grips. Then we're going to complete the rounds for a total of four times. So let's get started. So, remember, you guys want to go heavy, keep that form. Alright, you can take off the weights. Alright, I always like to start a really good workout for building mass with heavy, heavy reps. Next, we're going to move on to switching pull-ups. 

Commando one Arm Negative (X4)

This next one is tough. We're going to go for four on each arm. Commando, go to one arm, come down as slow as you can. Let's do it, See at the beginning when you guys first start doing this, you're going to fall kind of fast. But the more you do it, the more control you're going to get, eventually, you're going to find that, "Oh look, I can actually hold it here. And then you'll be able to do it with more control. So if you're coming down fast, it's no problem, eventually, you are going to be able to come down slower and slower with more control. Man, that is tough. Alright. Here we go, alright. Here we go.

Commando other Arm Negative (X4)

Next arm, that is a tough, tough one. This is definitely a hard move. Especially because the angle in which we're pulling we're actually pulling to the waistline. So we're pulling like this. It's a movement that's an angle that we never naturally, or normally hit when we're working out. In fact, you know what, I'll take this black one-off. Challenge yourself. And let's go for it. That is so tough. The goal is 10, do as much as you can. Perfect form, good. Pull up. One, two, three, four. And so you can have a good idea of how tough this workout is, I mean, look at me, you know, so if I'm struggling through this, then you know Bob has got to be doing some crazy stuff. 


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