Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping Committed to Net Zero Emission in 2022

Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping Committed to Net Zero Emission in 2022

The Year 2022: Himalayan Chef Grocery shopping in Pakistan announced the company’s ambitious emission reduction target plan. Aims at achieving it at any cost. The work behind all this remains detailed, dynamic, and intense. The brand is positioned to examine the manufacturing procedures, the products to make them better for the planet. Himalayan Chef is on the ground to collaborate with the suppliers. They want to help improve the entire manufacturing and production procedures. It's always that if we work together, we can make a significant positive difference.

Company's Zero Emission Formula: From Farm to Fork Approach

Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan takes a whole "Direct Farm to Fork Approach" for ensuring the best quality products.  Best for the consumers and determining the Carbon Footprint of the products. The plan involves the action plan to improve the climate consequences of the brand. Working through innovation and technology to decrease the overall impact.

"Climate is changing, it's time we start taking this matter in our hands. The company is operating a large-scale green Initiative. Working with farmers, suppliers, and communities.  To initiate ways that protect ecosystems, reduce overall emissions, and enhance livelihoods. We want to use and transform our resources for the betterment of our people and the planet."-CEO Himalayan Chef

Race to Zero-Emission: The entire upstream system works by sourcing high-quality ingredients. From suppliers and direct from farmers. Ingredients sourced from the best origins. The latest methodologies and techniques used for the processing. Supreme quality ingredients that are clean handled and processed in superior and hi-tech machinery. Along with HACCP-certified hygienic packaging that keeps the Nutritional value and the Quality Intact.

"Bringing about a veritable revolution in food handling and product quality. Benefiting the farmers at one end. Enabling customers to get the best quality pure food products totally fresh and at a great value. Working for the broader motive of reducing the Carbon Footprint. Helping people make healthy food choices. Making it convenient for them to choose fresh. Wholesome meals & groceries under one roof"

-Quality Control Head Himalayan Chef

Need of the Hour: The climate crisis has for too long been misunderstood. It is without question a huge crisis that is significantly impacting lives. Climate change impacts production and the availability of water resources. Also, life-threatening extreme weather events are very common. Work for purpose of making our planet a sustainable living place.

It's about time Food industries and food brands start acting. In the best interest of the planet, start working for the Real Solution. Most of the carbon footprint lies in the supply chain from raw materials. Also involves the emission while transporting ingredients to the factory. Then products to the End-consumer.

"The world is becoming ever-more conscious. Should be aware of the environmental issues, our food system is causing. Yet, many companies still have no intentions to adopt. The farmers and the producers were hit hardest by this devastating climate crisis. Changing temperatures, unreliable rainfall, and land degradation. These are reinforcing poverty and devastating the natural landscape. For the sake of people, food and our planet, companies must denial now."

-Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme, Lead Food and Agriculture Transformation at WBA

Himalayan Chef  Grocery Store in Pakistan is working with the prime goal to reduce its carbon footprint before products reach the end consumer. From working with climate-conscious suppliers with the "Farm Direct" approach. Introducing premium-grade Reusable Craft Packaging. Majorly fulfilling every possible opportunity in reducing the climate impact.

The Cycle of Change:

The brand believes in the Cycle of Change. Making a green revolution at every step of product formation. From sourcing raw materials, manufacturing or production and then distribution. Here's how a brand's eco-cycle operates,

Sustainable Sourcing of Raw Materials:

Brand collaborates with farmers, suppliers, and communities. To source the Best Quality raw ingredients with the least Carbon Emission. By cutting down the middle hassle.

Evolved Packaging:

All the products are packed in reusable, Zip Lock Craft, Food-grade packaging. To keep the food safe and cut down the wastage.

Leap towards Cleaner Logistics:

For the sake of environmental sustainability. The brand aims at switching to low emission fuels. Non-renewable electricity in the future.Using and transforming ingredients, processes that are good for both consumer and planet.

"Pure food sourced from premium quality ingredients that are diversified and nutritionally rich. Safeguarding the ecosystems where these grow plays a fundamental part. It affects the availability of pure food products. We all hold responsibility in working for the betterment of our planet. Responsibility for giving something back. The current situation is devastating and there's no waiting for the change to happen. Climate change is progressive and also should we!".

-Environmental Engineer, and Managing Head WBM Foundation.

WBM Foundation is a Non-Profit organization. Working on the essential cause of Environmental Sustainability. WBM Foundation is set up under Section 42 of the companies Act, 2017 (Repealed Ordinance 1984). Working for creating a better, innovative, resilient, harmonious, healthy, and sustainable future. To develop a pollution-free and healthy environment. For future generations and bring revolutionary change. By educating the masses about Environment Change.

The world should not stand doing anything for the next years to begin investing in nature as if it’s once gone, it’slost forever. Himalayan Chef wants to take steps to cut their footprint and improve the health of the planet. The company's Zero Emission Formula is altogether a success. A huge initiative for environmental protection. Leading its way as the First Food Brand in Pakistan working for the bigger cause, the planet cause.

About Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef is a Grocery & Food Brand that offers a diverse range of food products from Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Seasonings, Basmati Rice, Pulses, Cooking Oils, Dried Fruits, and Cooking Plates to all kinds of Kitchen Staples. Himalayan Chef is dedicated to providing Pure, Fresh, Tasty yet nutritionally enriched food with no compromise on the quality. The brand works for a greater cause, eradicating Malnutrition that serves as the primary barrier to healthy eating and the driver of diet-related diseases. Himalayan Chef provides a selection of freshly produced Grocery Staples and made from scratch prepared Pure Foods.

Himalayan Chef has been at the forefront of all major Marketplaces worldwide and with most food retail chains. The brand works with Cargill and Morton Salt as the largest supplier of Salt Products and has been doing business in all the major countries of the world, including USA, Pakistan, Europe, South America, South Asia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Dubai, Bulgaria, Turkey, Philippine, Australia, and Thailand.

Please visit us at Himalayan Chef Pakistan- WBM International Online- Retail solution online shopping in Pakistan.


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