Food That Define Karachi Food Culture

Food That Define Karachi Food Culture

Posted on Nov 6, 2019

When we talk about defining, Karachi’s food culture, it is very holistic, and hard to narrow down. A simple, poetic definition of the food culture has to do with its bright, and scintillating food coloring, the richness in the savor, the freshness of the appetite, and how historically filling it is; whether it’s the Memoni khaousey, and the Bhori communities, aromatic Bun Kaleji, 

Every country or city has a distinct food taste, which blows away our taste palette, whether it’s the Tacos in Mexico, Masala Dosa, in India, and, Chicken rice of Singapore. Likewise, Karachi, Pakistan a district filled with color, a trade-in improving our sensory, in terms of taste, touch, sound, and sight, therefore, it has the potential to reach out to its tender taste, and spices on a global level. 

Pakistani cuisine is a mixture, of sweet, sour and, a spice that integrates, the culture, and, history reaching back to the subcontinent.  

Choosing the best desi food, to fit your comfort is overwhelming; the list is endless, with its own version of spice, and taste to it, whether it’s in for something piquant such as Seekh Kababs, Malai Boti, or Chicken Tikka. Then you have something more on the savory side, with a perfectly balanced ratio of curry, and your choice of meat, such as Chicken Karahi, Chicken Nihari, and, for the sweet side you may have things dishes like Shahi Tukras, Kulfi – that can help to beat the sun.  

If you’re one of the fanatic ones, that does not follow mainstream food ideas, and sticks with street food – affordable, made fresh, and on the run, you would enjoy the company of chaat, pani –puri, bhel puri, and kachori, with Limca, or Pakola on the side, to release your spice burns. 

Karachi is a full-fledged, developing city, where integration and transmission of culture are diverse and meaningful in its own way. Every cuisine represents, a form of history, transferred from a family to a vast population and invests in improving the food market. Moreover, the simple diversity present in Karachi’s food is a major force of attraction for the tourists coming in to visit, and, for businesses outside Pakistan, that intrigue international customers. 

If you’re visiting Karachi, Pakistan, and you have absolutely no idea, what to order, and where to start from; here is a checklist to keep you covered for the remaining of the trip. 

Nihari is one of the classics, whether it’s chicken or mutton, it drives the person insane. It is slow-cooked meat, along with bone marrow, to suckle on the core of it. This dish was developed during the reign of the Mughal Empire, in New Delhi.  For every occasion or event, this dish is a beaming highlight and something that has a high demand. The tender meat and lip-licking curry makes you want it more, and more. With every taste, there is an adrenalin rush, which instills excitement, and, satisfaction in every bite.  Bonus: Pair it up, with gaaram naan, and tandoori roti, with a garnish of shredded ginger, and lemon! 

Bunkababs, are something you would like to stuff in your mouth when you are in a rush, and you feel like snacking on something light. Bunkebabs, have you covered. Initially, they were superior, until actual burgers came into existence. You can pair this desi burger, with a hint mint chatni, and a lime on the side (YUM). The one we recommend the most is Burnsroads’ ke Bun Kebabs.  

Gola Ganda and Kulfi is something you want to hold onto, when days are summery, and the sun takes away all your energy. In that case, these two assets can help in energizing, and may even work, for colorful Instagram, and snap chat stories. The most famous are the street stalls, in Dhoraji. This is extremely pocket-friendly, and refines the taste buds, to a whole new level. 

Paani Puri, Chana Chaat, Methi Puri, is something you don’t want to miss out on. Extremely pocket-friendly, and filled with culture, and flocks of goodness, in every bite! 

If you’re a student, living away from Karachi, and you miss home, online spice providers, have you covered. You can use those spice sachets and taste the same goodness away from home.  




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