DreamsNex & Salaam Estate is fulfilling your dreams by presenting you with DX Luxury Apartments

DreamsNex & Salaam Estate is fulfilling your dreams by presenting you with DX Luxury Apartments

Salaam estate & Dreamsnex is one of the best construction companies in Bahria Town Karachi. We come up with the best blueprints to ensure that people are living their best lives. We aim to make Bahria Town Karachi the best living area for people. There are numerous projects that we are working on that include different aspects of lifestyle. We want to achieve a futuristic approach while giving all the facilities to our customers. Moreover, we not only deliver our projects with simplicity but, we go out of the box with our ideas. Hence, we have managed to create some amazing blueprints like:

  • DX Smart Apartments
  • DX Luxury Apartments
  • DX Smart Residency

Our floorplan for DX Luxury Apartments 

If you are looking for a place to live luxuriously then our DX Luxury apartments will surely be the best. This is one of the best projects that we have created. It fits all the elements that anyone would want to live in the futuristic world. Moreover, this is a great place to consider if you are looking to live your life comfortably in a peaceful environment. We have made a smart floor plan for our DX Luxury apartments so that all of our customers can live peacefully.

We are one of the best construction companies in Bahria Town Karachi. We placed our DX Luxury apartments on plot number 30 in midway 2 Grand Jamia Masjid Facing. Therefore, you won't have to worry about getting a bad view either. We have categorized the bedrooms that we provided. The 2 bedroom has 3 different sizes for you to choose from. The first option is 1000 square feet, the second is 1030 square feet and lastly, the third one is 1085 square feet. Moreover, when it comes to 3 bedrooms, we gave customers 2 majestic options. The first consists of 1565 square feet and the second is of 1765 square feet.

The distribution of the prices of 2-bedroom categories 

The 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom categories are facing a road and a grand masjid. Hence, you will be getting a great view of the grand masjid as well as all the greenery and homes seen on the road. We have made it easier for customers to get their own apartments through our unique pricing. Hence, we always work for the betterment of society and want everyone to live a luxurious and fruitful life.

The rate given for the 2 bedroom category ranges from 9700 to 10700. The rate for the first 2 bedrooms is 9700, the unit price is 9,894,000 and the down payment is 2,473,500. When we look at the 2nd 2 bedroom type then its rate is 10700, the unit price is 11,395,500 and the down payment for that is 2,848,875. Lastly, the third 2 bedroom type has its rate of 10700, the unit price of 11,449,000, and a down payment of 2,862,250.

The distribution of the prices of 3-bedroom categories

Moreover, the first 3 bedroom category has a rate of 9700, its unit price is 15,035,000 and the down payment includes 3,758,750. When we talk about the last category of the 3 bedroom type then it is the highest of all because it includes the best space for living.

The rate given to this is 10700, the unit price is 18,468,200 and the down payment is 4,617,050. Therefore, the prices and the down payment match their space. We have provided numerous options for our customers to choose from easily.

The environment of DX Luxury Apartments

We assure you that the placement of our Luxury Apartments in Bahria Town Karachi is in a place where you will love. We carefully chose the environment so that it can benefit you the best. To have a luxury and a peaceful lifestyle, it is important that all the essential areas are near you. Therefore, you will not just be able to have a view of the Grand Mosque but, also the Jinnah Apartments, Ali villas, the shopping plaza as well as Iqra University.

Therefore, we have provided our customers with a great environment to stay in and we also have provided them with the basic necessities. We are sure that you will love the placement of our apartments. We have put a ton of thought into it to provide you with the best living facility. Moreover, the benefit that customers can easily get is that the balance can be paid within a span of 30 months.

Our determination 

We are always in our footsteps to know about the elements that customers are looking for so that we can build them their ideal home. Moreover, when it comes to quality, we are always a step ahead and ensure that the quality we are providing you is one of the best. The main element about us is that we strive to achieve everything that we can and also to provide the unimaginable.


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