Does a floating city become a reality?

Does a floating city become a reality?

Posted on Feb 11, 2020

Does a floating city become a reality? Across the world Climate change and its worst effects, new plans are being made to protect and adapt, and one of them is the 'Floating City', which is soon to become a reality.

It was deemed insane after it was conceived some time ago, but now the UN itself has taken over the project and the project is likely to be completed in the same decade after which it floats. Cities will become a reality.

The city's construction level is being monitored for sea-level rise, with glaciers melting and sea level rising 90 percent of the world's cities.

According to the preliminary sketch of the project, thousands of people will have houses to live in, while town squares and markets will also be built here.

A meeting at the United Nations headquarters gives a 10-year deadline for the completion of the project.

The question that arises here is can these cities survive the tsunami and other dangerous hurricanes?

In this regard, the project team is also working with Ocean Engineering of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) department and is trying to make the city such that it can survive even in Category 5 storms.

It is said that the purpose of such construction projects is to try to divert attention from the root causes of climate change and mitigation measures.

Another concern is also being shown that the project will be specific only to an elite class, as has been done in Dubai before, and the poor will be left to endure the severe climate change impact on the earth.

Progress in regard to this aforementioned project will begin to emerge soon.


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