Cold Weather Increases the Body's Best Fat

Cold Weather Increases the Body's Best Fat

Are you worried about your increased body weight? So make it a habit to wander around in warm weather for a while in cold weather.

According to a study in the United States, walking around in exercise or cold weather increases the body's best fat which works to burn calories.

Research suggests that exposure to cold weather dramatically changes the composition of gastrointestinal bacteria and causes it to dissolve in fat, while glucose metabolism is best while reducing body weight.

Researchers say the discovery will help create a new mechanism for weight loss for obesity sufferers.

According to the research, the environment around the gut regulates the energy balance system by influencing the bacteria in the gut.

According to the researchers, the results of the research are encouraging and will help to establish a mechanism for the prevention of obesity.

During this study, mice were tested for 6 days at a temperature of 6 ° C, suggesting that their gastrointestinal bacteria had undergone a change that prevented weight gain.



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