At What Age puberty Begin

At What Age puberty Begin

The process of puberty may be slightly different in every person, but it usually begins at a certain age.

Adolescence is very different in men and women, and getting to know them can be very helpful for parents.

Puberty in boys

At the onset of puberty in boys, their height is 5 to 6 cm, later to 7 to 8 cm, and finally to more than 10 cm each year and usually stops growing after 17 years.

In boys usually, the symptoms of puberty begin to appear at the age of 12 and the hair begins to grow and sweat begins to increase.

Changes in height are related to physical development, which means that some youths may grow very fast within a few months and then develop slowly and begin to form defects in the process.

Their sound gradually starts to get heavy and at the beginning, it sounds weird or torn, it goes away when the sound is heavy and loud and then permanently heavy.

Often the problem of nail acne in boys also develops into the late stages of puberty, the hair on the face becomes more and can begin to shave. In general, the process of puberty in boys is completed by 18 years.

Puberty in girls

In girls, this process starts sooner than boys and maybe between 8 and 11 years of age.

During this time it starts to sweat more, nail acne, increase in body weight by 2 to 3 inches annually and change in texture, during which the upper part of the hands, fat on the thighs and waist are increased, the hips are spread while the waist is tight. Happens

After the beginning of puberty in 4 years, girls become fully mature and may continue to grow tall.

Possible complications

In some people, the onset of puberty can begin very soon or too late, which can sometimes be the result of a medical disorder and you should consult a doctor in this regard.

If the symptoms appear in girls 8 years ago, then you should consult a doctor, whereas in boys 9 years before the procedure starts, you should go to the doctor.

Premature puberty In the central nervous system there is a problem, genetic syndrome, family history, secretions of some organs, hormones without any immediate cause.

Similarly, delay in puberty means that no symptoms appear until 13 years in girls or 14 in boys.

What Parents Should Care About

During adolescence, children experience many physical and emotional changes and may change their mood repeatedly, depression, mental distress, loss of self-esteem, aggressive behavior, feelings of loss of body, etc. Acne is also common.

During adolescence, sweat is high so it is necessary to take a daily bath so that it does not smell.

Parents should talk to their children during this process to reduce their feelings of anxiety or embarrassment.



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