Air pollution is weakening human bones

Air pollution is weakening human bones

Air pollution is weakening human bones
Spain: Air pollution has led to authoritative research on respiratory, cardiovascular diseases and mental and psychological disorders, now experts say that the polluted atmosphere itself is causing human bones to weaken as well.

Experts believe that two-and-a-half micrometre particles, also known as PM2.5, are harmful not only to the human heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, brain and mental health but also to air pollution itself inside the bones. Weaknesses that are also evident from the current test. 

In this regard, Catherine Tone, a World Health Organization specialist in the Spanish city of Barcelona, reviewed 23 contaminated sites outside the Indian city of Hyderabad and conducted a medical examination of a total of 3700 people. Tests were also done to determine the mineral deficiencies in these bones. Minerals in the hips and spine are noted in this test. The same test predicts arthritis and joint pain.

The results of the study showed that if the volume of two and a half micrometre particles in a square meter is up to 32.8 micrograms, the pollution is more than three times the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Catherine and colleagues estimate after careful estimation that the amount of PM2.5 increases by only three micrograms in the atmosphere, then it will reduce the mineral density of men and women to 0.011 grams per square centimetre. Meters and hips decrease by 0.004 grams per square centimetre. In this way, black carbon particles floating in polluted air can also make bones lighter and brighter.

In Pak-West and Africa, people use wood and coal for cooking at home. It increases contamination within the four walls and produces two and a half micrograms of particulate matter in black smoke. These pollutants are slowly weakening the bones by embedding them in the body where they give rise to many dangerous diseases.

Traffic and industry pollution is one of the main causes of outdoor air pollution in developing countries. In 2017, a similar study was conducted on elderly people in the American city of Boston and also discovered a link between pollution and bones.



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