A unique toothbrush Clean the Teeth in 10 seconds

A unique toothbrush Clean the Teeth in 10 seconds

Dental hygiene is a problem that is often large for most people because they act so quickly that they do not benefit.

But a toothbrush has been developed for people who can clean their teeth in 10 seconds.

In fact, Foss Tish, a French company, introduced this unique Y-toothbrush at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last year, which was nicknamed the 10-second toothbrush.

At that time, the concept was toothpaste and now, a year later, it has finally been presented to the CES that people can buy.

Airbrush provides people with services that other companies can't currently provide and that is utilities.

The wind brush in appearance is not like a normal toothbrush, but rather like a small mouthguard used in sports.

It contains nylon fibres at 45 degrees angle, while trays of fibres can also be replaced.

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It has a motor installed that helps with dental cleaning with vibration, 3 different settings are also given for vibration.

After using it in toothpaste fibres, use it in your mouth and run the motor, then move the mouth in a chewing manner for 5 seconds then repeat the operation by turning the device.

It has been priced at $ 125, along with a charging station, storage pod and toothpaste applicator.

It will be available to the public in March 2020



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