How to measure the waist?

How to measure the waist?

How to measure the waist? Most women have a good idea of their measurements are, But instead, assume your know, get an accurate size, and you may also want to take your high and upper arms Measurement—the process for getting your body measurement simple. For example, knowing how to measure waist and hips is common knowledge, But some women do not know exactly where the start /stop the measurement is more accurate.

Often time Women will measure at the wrong location and get a false result. For example, when measuring your waist. Some people measure the belly button when your natural waistline is located above the belly button.

It is easy to measure your waist. And it'sits not just about your clothing size. You need a tape measure.

Remove clothing to get on accurate that the tape measure is resting against your bare stomach, So you should remove any layers of clothing blocking your waist. Remove your shirt or lift it just below your chest. If your pants are in the way, undo them and pull them down around your hips.

  • Find your waist: 

Use your fingers to find the top of your hips and base of your rib cage. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Stand up straight and Breathe normally. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and circle it around your back to the front of your waist. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit snugly around your torso without digging into your skin.

  • Read the tape:

Exhale and then check the measurement will be at the place on the tape where the zero end meets the slack end of the tape measure the number indicates your waist measurement in inches and centimetres, depending on the measuring tape you used.

  • Double-check your measurement :

Repeat the measurement once the accuracy of your original size is different from the first time, measure for the third time, and take the average of the three numbers.

For your best health, your waist should be less than 40 inches around for a man and less than 35 inches for a woman. it’s more extensive than that, you may want to talk with your doctor.

It's easy to measure your waist. And it's not just about your clothing size .your circumference is a clue to whether you're at higher risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. 

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