How to Enable Adobe Flash Player? 7 Easy Step

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player? 7 Easy Step

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

The Adobe Flash Player is a media player that lets you see and hear Flash video and audio content on your computer. It runs with chrome. If you quit chrome, it will also stop working and flash settings will not be saved. 

In this article, we will let you learn step by step how to enable adobe flash players on chrome.

Step 1: Visit the Content Settings:

The easiest way to check the chrome settings is via the link in the address bar. You need to enter chrome://settings/content in the address bar and press enter.

Step 2: Scroll the Flash Tab:

As you press enter, the content setting menu will open. On the menu page, you will see the Flash tab beneath the JavaScript tab. 

Step 3: Turn Off the Block Sites for Running Flash Player:

You will see the ASK FIRST feature once you click off the blocking sites for adobe flash players. This will be helpful because whenever you run the flash plug-in, a question appears on the screen that either you want to run for a particular site or not.

Step 4: Open Site that requires Flash:

For checking, open any site that runs with a flash player like games.

Step 5: Click on the grey Box to Run Flash Player:

When you run a website that runs on Flash, a blank grey box will appear with the option, “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player”.

Step 6: Click the button and Pop-up again:

When you click to enable/run Adobe Flash Player, a pop-up will appear on the screen. Click the “Allow” button. It will reload and refresh your existing page.

Step 7: Flash Player is ready:

After all the above settings, you have enabled the adobe flash player for the current site or current page. Again, if you want to check the websites that you have enabled on flash, just visit the page chrome://settings/content/flash and scroll down to see the list of the sites that are enabled for adobe flash player.


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