How to Download GTA 5 in Laptop? 9 Steps to Download GTA 5

How to Download GTA 5 in Laptop? 9 Steps to Download GTA 5

Posted on Sep 9, 2020

10 Steps to Download Grand Theft Auto V

Everybody plays games, kids, to seniors like grandparents as well. About 1 billion people play games on mobile and laptops worldwide—most of people like games full of action and adventures. One of the best adventurous game is GTA V.

GTA V is the most favorite game of this generation. It is a 2013 action and adventure game. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This is the first main entry in the GTA series. You will be amazed to see, GTA V reached about 134.09 thousand players on Steam in July 2020.

How to download GTA V on your laptop?

Do you want GTA V on your laptop? I will let you know how to download it. So, let’s go!             

As GTA V is available on many online marketplaces, the best options are Epic games store and Steam.


  • Steam is an excellent way to have GTA V for laptop users. So, the first step is to install Steam on your laptop. To install, go to and click on the “install” button and wait to finish it.                        

  • Once the installation is done, open the application. It should be present on your desktop.

  • Click on the option “Create Account ” to make your account on Steam.

  • After you have created your account, sign into it. By signing in, look for your name on the top right of the Steam window. Click on your name. Three options will appear in a dropbox. Click on the “Account Details”

  • Look for an option “Add funds to your Steam Wallet” and click on it. Using your credit card, add funds to your wallet. Add enough amount to your wallet to purchase the GTA V game you want.

  • After adding funds to your wallet, click on the store tab on the upper-left side of the window. Here you will find all the games sold through Steam.

  • Now search for the  GTA V game in the search bar on the top-right side of the window.

  • Add it to your cart.

  • After adding it to your cart, click on “Purchase for Myself” to add it to your steam library.

  • After purchasing, go to the steam library and download the GTA V game you downloaded. Wait to download, and after that, you can start playing.


So, this is how you can download the most adventurous game. I hope it would be helpful for you people. Last but not least, for me, playing games is not an escape from your work. It’s all about the feeling of joy. So play just because it’s fun!


Hamza Sarfraz

Blog Author

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