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The Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) is a metric for assessing your academic achievement. The CGPA is used in Bachelor of Engineering programmes to determine a student’s overall standing (including all subjects that count toward the degree) and, if appropriate, in a minor.

We’ve covered all you need to know about calculating CGPA and percentages from CGPA grades. If a student wants to understand how much they got on the board test, they must convert their CGPA to %. Knowing the percentage can also assist pupils in gaining admission to college and obtaining future employment.

Grade point averages have been a primary concern for college students and their worried parents in recent years if you realise that a GPA is just an average of values. To calculate an average, add all values in a table or on a scale together, then divide the actual number by the total number of values. A grade point average is complicated because it includes letter grades rather than just numbers and decimals. So, before you can compute your GPA, you’ll need to do some conversion work first.


Your CGPA is computed by dividing the entire credit value of the courses you have tried by the amount of the grade points obtained. The first step in calculating a GPA is to convert each of your final grades to the appropriate decimal point.

The average of a set of numbers equals the sum of all the numbers divided by the total obtained number of values present in the group. Mathematically,

  • Use the formula (Average = Total sum of all values / Total number of all values) to compute GPA.
  • Use the formula [CGPA = Total Sum of (GPA * Credits) / Total Number of Credits] to calculate your CGPA.

This formula calculates the grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0. You’ll need to calculate your GPA and CGPA based on the number of course credits you’ve taken in certain situations.


It allows us to compute our grade point averages without having to wait for the results to be released at a later time.


What is the formula for calculating the CGPA?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average students’ grade point, omitting supplementary subjects. The CGPA is calculated by combining the grade points from the main subjects and removing the grade points from other courses. The CGPA is calculated by multiplying the total by 5. 4.

In Pakistan, how is the CGPA calculated?

  • Use the formula (Average = Total sum of all values / Total number of all values) to compute GPA.
  • Use the formula [CGPA = Total Sum of (GPA * Credits) / Total Number of Credits] to calculate your CGPA.

What is the formula for calculating CGPA and GPA?

GPA is the score obtained in a single semester, whereas CGPA is the total number obtained after adding the GPAs obtained in all semesters and subtracting the final CGPA.

Do colleges consider GPA or CGPA while making admissions decisions?

Colleges often ask for your GPA and your CGPA, so you should focus on both as they are included on your transcript. Your GPA and CGPA will be important in the following areas: Applying for a higher education programme. For several scholarships.

What does a decent CGPA look like?

A CGPA or CPI of 8 or higher is usually regarded as good. If the student intends to study abroad, a better score will assist them in the admissions process. For institutions with % cutoffs, CPI to percentage conversion is also feasible.

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