How to Add References in MS Word? What is the Use of Citations?

How to Add References in MS Word? What is the Use of Citations?

Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Step by Step and Easy Guide

The use of citations has been increasing since it is an increment in the writing of research or review papers. It is obligatory to accommodate quotes in these articles for several reasons, as you have to give proper credits to the original person who put higher continuous hours to bring research, you also have to show yourself as a potential reader; you have cited sources and bring out a finalized researched content proven from different forms of media sites. You are responsible for using someone's work, though you need to include their names with titles of their research, book names, websites, etc.

We have seen how including citations can be so essential for us to add in our work. Let's see how we can include it through Microsoft Word.

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In Microsoft word, you can easily include citations and references for your review paper or research paper. With it, there is a wide range of formats available to use for sources from Chicago-style, APA, GOST, ISO 690, IEEE to MLA.

We shall today show you the way to include citations; in a step by step, unchallenging manner.

Include Citations in Your Work:

  1. For adding citations in your document, you have to switch to the reference tab menu; there will come the option for insert citations as shown below. Click on the Insert citations button to add references. There you can also include different styles of formats for your recommendations as shown below; click on the style option to proceed.
  2. After clicking on the option, insert citations, the opportunity for adding a new authority will open as you can see in the picture. You can click on the option "Add new source" command. With connecting this command, you will be having the create source pop-up into your screen.
  3. With the source opening, you can add particular material regarding the research you have done. Such as shown below; the type of resource such as books, websites, etc. You will add the author's name, the title of the research, and date; it was conducted.

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After fulfilling all the relevant information, you can now click on the "OK" to finish up you create source mode.

After completing the tasks; mentioned above, you will have your citations included in your document. Now, if you want to add further, you will repeat all the actions in the manner mentioned above; click on the Insert citations button to proceed.


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