How to Activate Office 2016?

How to Activate Office 2016?

Posted on Nov 30, 2020

If you are worried, how to activate office 2016 without a product key, then read this article. In this article, we are going to tell you the solution to your problem in an easy way.

After reading this article, we are sure that you will stop wasting time searching for the product key online for activation. The method we are going to tell you is the best way to activate your office 2016 permanently without a product key.

When you have installed MS word 2016, it will ask for a product key for activation. You can also check either your office is activated or not by following these steps.

  1. Open a Blank document of MS word.
  2. Click on the FILE and then ACCOUNT.
  3. You will see ACTIVATION REQUIRED in the product information.

Step 1: Turn-off antivirus and Windows defender:

This is the most important step. Because antivirus and window defenders do not execute .cmd files. So, turn off if any antivirus is installed in your operating system.

Step 2: Create .CMD File:

Open the below link.

Now open the Notepad and copy-paste the complete code. Then click on the FILE and select the SAVE AS option.

Now save as .CMD file on the desktop.

Step 3: Run .CMD file as Administrator:

Now from the desktop, right-click on the.CMD file and run as administrator.  

The .CMD file will be executed as shown in the picture.

Once the office is activated you will see PRODUCT ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL on the same screen.

Again, if you want to verify the activation, open a blank MS word document and follow the steps as shown in the picture.

After all these steps and office activation, you again turn-on your antivirus protection or Windows Defender because there is no need for the .CMD file anymore.


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