A Beginner’s Guide On How To Dab

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You shall be amazed to discover that dabs are not entirely new aliens. It is just that this weed form is attracting plenty of prominence in the current years. With more and more nations allowing cannabis in their legal boundaries, the popularity of THC supplements, CBD oil, edibles, and dabbing weed in the market is on the rise.

People also refer to dabs as dab weed, honeycomb, CO2 wax, and resin. These are concentrated forms of dab weed. One can generally feel the dab high within ten minutes, and it can extend to two hours. It is popular among a vast percentage of people today. If you are doing it for the first time, you have a lot to know about the process to avoid risks. Take a look to learn more.

1.  Selecting the Cannabis Concentrates

The quality and origin of concentrates will play a significant role in determining your smoking experience. The first thing to remember is to purchase your cannabis items from a licensed and reputed store. You have to be extra careful about cannabis concentrates. As it is a highly potent item, you have to be sure about its source. Also, give a little more attention to if it consists of any kind of contaminants.


You can visit the best weed dispensary in Canada for authentic Vape and weed products. Moreover, you can also explore them all on their official page. The best part is to pick the suitable concentrate to experience a worthwhile effect.

2.  What Equipment Do You Need?

Once you have your concentrates, it is me to pick your collection of equipment right. These two factors are the most important among all in the dabbing procedure. You will need the following things to do your process right.

  • Dab rig – The rig is more like a water pipe with a glass surface. It comes with unique manufacturing tactics to dab cannabis concentrates.
  • A dome -The dome shall cover the nail and trap the vapor from the concentrates.
  • A nail – The nail holds the concentrate and is present within the dab rig.
  • A dabber – You will use a dabber for applying the concentrate to the nail.
  • A torch – You will need a torch to raise the nail temperature.
  • Carb cap – To regulate the airflow within the device, using a carb cap is the best idea.
  • A timer and a dab mat – For heating the nail properly and consistently for each dab, a timer is a must. And the dab mat will keep the stickiness of the dabbing surface at bay.

The notion of dabbing is getting more advanced with time. You might land in times when you won’t require such a collection of separate equipment anymore. At present, this essential equipment collection is a must.

3.  Avoid Taking Giant Dabs.

This is one of the top tips that you can have from an experienced dabber. The effects of dabbing are much more intense than smoking. This is because the concentrates or extractions have more power than the original herbs. Taking in a large amount of inhalation can easily lead to a poor experience and smoking process. Especially, you need to keep a leash on your intake if you are a newbie.

4.  Let It Cool Off A Little.

If you have come across somebody complaining about a bad experience with dabbing, know that they must have made some flaw. Poor taste, smell, discomfort in taste, or a wave of sudden nausea are all signs of dabbing in very high temperatures. You have to heat the nails till the warmth is visible.

But it would help if you let it sit for a while till the temperature falls. Dabbing while it is too hot can lead to a poor inhalation experience. This is because the concentrates burn down too much when you try to dab at high temperatures. Also, as per surveys, dabs that are too hot can eliminate the terpenes. This is the organic substance that emits a nice flavor and smell in your dab. So, let it cool down before use.

5.  Wear Gloves

Whether you know the art of dabbing or new, it is best to take this wise precaution. You will not regret it. Here is why. The highly concentrated oil present in it has a slippery texture. It will almost feel like a blend of oil and honey to you. So contamination of this oil with no skin protection can quickly transfer harmful bacteria and particles. Also, with gloves, you can be sure that your oil is free of contamination while you smoke. Using a simple pair of gloves will keep you safe from both contamination and accidents.

6.  Few More Points You Need To Follow To Do It Right.

You walked through the fundamentals of the dabbing process. But eventually, you will get better at it. Here are some additional tips for beginning with dabbing with complete confidence that will never hurt.

  • Point the torch towards the nail directly and constantly to heat it enough and fast.
  • Do not forget to turn your torch off and cover up the nail.
  • Ten seconds is best to cool off the nail before use.
  • If you have no idea about how much concentrate to use, consider the size of just a tiny crumb or less.
  • Do not inhale too hard or fast.
  • Pause a little to see how you feel after the first puff
  • If you know an experienced dabber, don’t miss the opportunity to make them your dabbing partner. This might offer you peace of mind at your first experience.

The Last Call

As you get the hang of the process, you will find it super easy. The extraction process is essential and might need some extra cautiousness. Other than that, according to top medical research, dabbing comes with plenty of benefits. It is one of the potent methods of smoking and is less harsh to your throat and lungs. Dabbing is also excellent for getting rid of chronic pain symptoms. If you do the process right, you are not far from getting a range of physical and mental health benefits with time.

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