Yasmeen Rashid: There Will Be 15-day Lockdown in Different Areas of Lahore From Tomorrow

Yasmeen Rashid: There Will Be 15-day Lockdown in Different Areas of Lahore From Tomorrow

Punjab Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid has said that due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, many areas of Lahore will be closed from 12 noon tomorrow. Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Yasmeen Rashid said that after easing the lockdown, the government made every effort to implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and shops and markets were also sealed for violating it, but people still did not act.

The provincial health minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had come to Lahore and said that steps would have to be taken in the areas where the spread of the virus was high. Yasmeen Rashid said that in the last two days we have seen that various precautionary measures will be taken in the areas of Lahore where most cases are being reported.

The Punjab Health Minister said that these areas would be closed after 12 noon tomorrow due to the high spread of the virus. She said that Shahdara in Lahore, some areas inside Lahore, Mazang, Shad Bagh, Harbanspura, Gulberg, some areas of Lahore Cantt, most of Nashtar Town and some societies in Allama Iqbal Town should be closed completely.

The provincial health minister said that in these areas, factories manufacturing food items, pharmacies, and some businesses such as safety medical devices would remain open, a list of which would be posted from 12 noon tomorrow. She said that this order was being implemented with the help of Commissioner Lahore and CCPO Lahore. Continuing her speech, Yasmeen Rashid said that lockdown is being imposed in these areas of Lahore for at least 2 weeks and during this time the situation should be constantly reviewed and if there is any improvement then these areas can be opened ahead of time.

Otherwise, other areas should also be closed

She said that other areas where SOPs were not being implemented should also be warned that if doing so increased the number of cases, other areas should also be closed. Yasmeen Rashid said that SOPs should be strictly followed so that the economy and business could continue to run so that the spread of the virus could be prevented.

The provincial health minister said that as the prime minister had said, the spread of the virus through masks could be stopped by up to 50%.

"The important thing is that we have to keep our elders safe, keep ourselves away from them because if you go out for any important work, you can infect them by bringing a virus in the house," she said.

If our government fails then all governments fail

Yasmeen Rashid said that it is constantly being said on TV that the government has failed to control the coronavirus, if indeed the government has failed then all the governments of the world have failed. The Punjab Health Minister said that it was a viral infection and efforts were being made all over the world to prevent it.

Continuing, she said that a civilized country like China, which had cracked down on the virus in a very strict and civilized manner, was re-emerging. "I often regret that Pakistan is compared to New Zealand and Taiwan, which have completely overcome the coronavirus, while New Zealand's population is less than half that of Lahore," she said. The epidemic is easy to control as such areas.

Yasmeen Rashid said that we are the fifth largest population in the world but considering these things not only Punjab but also the governments of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir have made unprecedented efforts.

"If we compare ourselves with India, I am sure we are many times better," she said.

She said that if the 144,000 cases of Corona in the country are compared with the 2,720 deaths due to it, then the death rate is lower than other countries of the world and it is 1.8.

Yasmeen Rashid said that this is an epidemic and as a government, we are trying not only to control it but also to cure it.


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