Why is feeling tired all the time during the lockdown?

Why is feeling tired all the time during the lockdown?

As a result of the new Novel Corona virus, billions of people around the world have been confined to homes as lockdowns or various other restrictions are being implemented to prevent the spread of the disease.

But as a result, people are experiencing a strange problem, and they are very tired, lazy, and feeling drowsy all the time.

Everyday life is badly affected by the outbreak, some people are now working from home while most are doing nothing.

As a result, people's routines have changed completely in a very short period of time, and most have no time to sleep or wake up because no time restriction is required for the office or educational institution.

And that is why many people are experiencing feelings of drowsiness and fatigue as a result.

Apparently staying home all day and not eating it seems ideal, and psychologists say it's not surprising that people are feeling more tired and sluggish than usual, because psychologically, humans are developed to stay healthy and vibrant. Are.

Psychologist Lucy Beresford said that if people do not engage in any type of exercise or activity, it can be very painful to spend time with people who may have feelings of fatigue, drowsiness or depression, much less. The more dynamic they are, the more likely they are to lose themselves.

Minor catastrophic events also cause the loss of mental energy, and the current global outbreak is a very fatal event.

According to Dr. Roger Henderson, nutritional events increase the levels of mental disorders like hormones such as adrenaline, which are helpful for short-term stress, but result in decreased physical energy, while Feel physically and mentally exhausted.

He said that a lazy lifestyle also leads to a feeling of drowsiness.

According to him, the less time spent exercising or less physically active, the more tired it would feel, as a result of sitting for long periods of time or lying down, even the fit people began to feel exhausted and depressed, Functions vary.

The solution is also easy and it is time to set aside some time for exercise, which will help with biochemical and hormonal balance, while also helping to burn some of the hormones that cause mental discomfort.

Despite lying in bed in the morning and in the evening, the outbreak can also affect sleep, which can also lead to more tiredness during the day.

Mental stress can have negative effects on sleep, such as an increase in insomnia complaints or a decrease in quality.

According to Dr. Mitchell Miller, a sleep specialist at the University of Warwick, insufficient sleep affects emotions, resulting in irritability, irritability, and complaints about a lack of focus on work.


So how to ensure good sleep? So a few common things to do is to take a break from the news and social media long before bedtime, create a calm sleep environment and keep this schedule in place before you go to sleep and wake up.

Experts say that doing some exercise, getting a new job or a job, staying in touch with your loved ones, using a phone or video call, can help to prevent this from being tired and overwhelmed.

Helping those in need also provides peace of mind that can help prevent such problems.



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