Why common soap is effective in preventing the spread of corona virus?

Why common soap is effective in preventing the spread of corona virus?

Washing hands is one of the things the clinicians emphasize the most to protect against the new Novel Corona virus disease, Cod-19.

It should be noted that the corona virus had reached 118 countries of the world by the afternoon of March 11, 2020, and it has infected 1,19,133 people worldwide.

But not just washing hands with water, but a common soap is the most important weapon against the virus.

Yes, the soap actually expels numerous viruses, such as the new Novel Coronavirus, as it dissolves the fat's membrane.

New South Wales chemistry professor Philly Thordon said this in a Twitter thread.

They said that when the fat membrane was dissolved, the virus would roar like a house of cards and become immobilized.

It is not possible to do this with water only because it faces a strong link between the skin and the virus, such as glue, the virus is usually adhesive and does not easily move.

Professor Philly says that soapy water is different, soap contains fat-like ingredients, some are structurally similar to lipids in the virus membrane, so the molecules in the soap fight the lipids present in the virus membrane. 

Since our hands are hard and wrinkled, we need to rub them and soak them to ensure that the soap reaches every part of the skin.

He also explains why soap is better than other products in neutralizing viruses. "The effect of pesticides or liquids, wipes, gels and creams is similar to soap, but they are not as good as ordinary soap, in these products. Bacterial effects do not affect the structure of the virus'.

"Most antibacterial products are mainly expensive versions of soap, soap is best, but wipes with alcohol are good when soap is not available (such as offices or public toilets, etc.)," ​​he said.

Professor Donald Schaffner of Rutgers University in the US said that soap removes viruses from the skin quickly while hand sanitizers neutralize the virus in your hands, so you can increase the effect by using both. ۔

He said that whatever the temperature of the water is effective against the virus with soap, people should just practice cleaning all parts of the hands and pay special attention to places where dust gets stuck. Under the nails

Last month, the World Health Organization urged people all over the world not to overlook the power of common soap.

The WTO said that washing your hands often, whether with alcohol or with ordinary soap and water, is one of the most effective ways to protect against Cod 19 and various other diseases.

Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds or longer if the duration is even better.

And yes, do not forget to dry them immediately after washing, because wet hands increase the chances of re-adhering to germs, and towels can be used in the house to dry hands while using a tissue or a paper towel.


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