What is Corona Virus?

What is Corona Virus?

What is Corona Virus?
The coronavirus is a common virus that normally affects mammals (animals that feed their babies) in different ways.

Generally, diarrhoea or breathing obstruction affects the digestion of cows, pigs and birds.

Whereas in humans it only affects the respiration. Breathlessness and severe sore throat or itching may be reported, but most types of the virus are not fatal, and in Asian and European countries almost every citizen lives with the virus.

Most varieties of the coronavirus are not fatal, although no specific vaccine or drug is available to treat it, the mortality rate is still low and its spread is controlled by appropriate immunizations. ۔

But in early 2020, the World Health Organization discovered a new deadly variant of the virus in China called the Novel Coronavirus.

Usually, the virus is transmitted to other people by shaking hands with the affected person or touching it, touching the body. In addition, in areas where the outbreak is an outbreak, there is a possibility of transmission of the virus by touching the door, floor or furniture etc. in residential areas.

This is the reason why China is currently experiencing double anxiety as Wuhan and Hubei are densely populated areas, and it is not possible to move such a large number of places, but the possibility of disease and spread cannot be ruled out.



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