What do the terms related to corona virus mean?

What do the terms related to corona virus mean?

The global coronavirus epidemic has introduced many new words and terms into our daily lives, be it quarantine, viruses, immunity or social isolation. But what do all these terms mean?

Some important terms


The first case of coronavirus was reported in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. The disease was named COVID-19. The disease damages the lungs.

Reducing the spread of the disease

Health experts identify new cases of coronavirus overtime on a graph with the help of a line. In order to keep the number of infected people low, the rate of virus transmission must be kept low so that more and more coronavirus sufferers do not come under pressure at the same time.


Measures were taken by the government to deal with the crisis in the category of disruption of daily life. These include the closure of schools and offices, the disruption of the movement of people, and the deployment of troops for emergency services.

Global plague

An epidemic of a serious disease that is spreading rapidly in many countries at the same time.


Keeping infected people in isolation to prevent the spread of the disease.

Social distance

Stay away from people, with the goal of reducing the spread of epidemics. The government recommends that you do not visit your friends or relatives, except for those who live with you. Work from home as much as possible and avoid using public transport.


A microscopic particle that mimics itself in the living cells of an organism. The virus can kill these cells and disrupt the body's normal chemical processes that cause the disease.



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