Want to ease your anger? Try these methods

Want to ease your anger? Try these methods

Sudden outbursts of anger and cooling within seconds, cause someone to cry out and get your feelings out on someone else, but later on. These symptoms indicate that you are in stress.

Here are seven easy ways for you to overcome your stress and overcome anger.

Help people

Seeing the happiness in the faces of others through one of your own experiences is the most precious feeling in the world. You must have felt this way of giving your things to a poor person in charity. If not, get started today. By doing so, you not only help the needy but also favour yourself.

Love yourself

Anger comes when you feel bad about something, and that kind of temper comes at a time when negative thoughts dominate the mind.

To avoid this situation, love yourself, think positively.

Remember that negative thoughts always increase your blood pressure, which leads to anger.

Feel yourself in your face by standing in front of a mirror in such a situation, look at your photos, and research suggests that this self-contact emitted oxygen and certain chemicals, causing a wave of happiness within itself or feel at ease.

Keep your hands warm

When you find yourself feeling angry, rub your hands together.

Doing so will warm your hands and slow down the rapid blood flow to the nervous system during anger.

You may have noticed that when you suddenly get angry, your whole body warms up. In fact, blood flow throughout the body begins to accelerate. Whenever you feel angry to control the same situation, start rubbing hands.


According to the results of research conducted in the Netherlands, just spending half an hour in plant care relieves stress, much like reading an interesting book in a quiet room.

Another research has also shown that while caring for plants, you are exposed to the elements in the soil, which reduce stress and make you focus better.

Just take an hour and a half to take care of plants in your home daily; if your home is low on space, you can even plant plants in bottles and bottles.

You can also get the same benefits by caring for fish aquariums.

Take a deep breath

According to scientists, to control anger, it is necessary to take a deep breath and then exhale. This process activates the nervous system, which slows the heart rate. It starts to reduce stress and anger. That is why whenever you get angry, breathe three times loudly and exhale.

Eat grains

If you are getting very angry, the best way to remove it is to eat a regular diet. After half an hour of eating it you will feel better.

Scientists say carbohydrates increase the amount of sugar in the blood, which increases serotonin levels by a neurotransmitter that sends a positive message to the brain.

At least 30 grams of carbohydrate should be consumed throughout the day to reduce stress and anger.

Keep smiling

You should always smile, because laughter is the only thing that can relieve all your sorrow. If you are going through a difficult phase, then one of your smiles in this situation will forget all your grief. This will reduce your anger and make you always think positive.

That is why always keep smiling and spreading happiness


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