US experts warn of new disease Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in children

US experts warn of new disease Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in children

Following the British and Italian health experts, now the American experts have also issued a warning about the new disease that is appearing in a serious but small number of children and instructed the people to consult the health experts as soon as they see the symptoms of the said disease. ۔

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has named the new pediatric disease Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), according to AFP.


The disease was first discovered by health experts in European countries Italy and the United Kingdom in April last year.
And he said that many of the children who died in the days of the Coronavirus epidemic had died of a mysterious disease they had never seen before.

Medical experts in both countries suspected that the dead children were suffering from a syndrome caused by the coronavirus and a disease similar to the Kawasaki disease.

Experts in both countries suspected that young children with symptoms such as fever, inflammation, and drowsiness might be infected with the coronavirus.  Surprisingly, however, corona tests were performed on a few children who tested negative.

Experts suspected that children suffering from such a mysterious disease may have been infected with the coronavirus or that they may have been affected by the spread of the epidemic around them.

Some experts speculated that the children may have contracted Kawasaki, contagious disease in children in Asian countries, as the children who were brought to the hospital had symptoms similar to Kawasaki's high fever, body aches, and inflammation.

Some experts have dubbed the disease a rare form of the disease in children, and just a few days ago, a research article on the new pediatric disease was published in The Lancet.

According to the article, a 30-fold increase in the number of cases of the disease found in children in the Italian province of Bergamo was discovered after an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Research by experts has shown that this disease causes inflammation in the blood vessels and can damage the heart.

According to experts, although the new syndrome looks like Kawasaki-like edema, epidemiologists say it is different from Kawasaki disease.
 Symptoms include persistent fever, redness of the eyes, edema, rash, and loss of function of one or more organs.

The article said that the disease initially affected children in Italy in mid-April, after which the same disease was found in children in England and now the same disease is being found in children in the United States.

Research has also suggested that corona may be the cause of the disease in children.
Children with the disease may have had low levels of corona on their own, or they may have had corona patients around them.

Following the study, US experts are now warning people to see their children immediately if they see symptoms such as syndrome or Kawasaki disease in their children.

According to AFP, CDC experts warned that the disease could affect young people up to the age of 21, but that it was mostly affecting young children.

According to US experts, although the rate of the disease is still low, its mystery is dangerous and serious precautions need to be taken in this regard.

Dr. Sunil Sood of Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York, which treats children with the disease, said most of the children he has treated so far have had heartburn.

He said that health professionals need to look at the disease in children in the context of coronavirus and parents also need to be careful in this regard and they should bring the child to the hospital or specialists after such symptoms appear.


Multi-system inflammatory syndrome

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