Those common dietary habits, which lead to obesity

Those common dietary habits, which lead to obesity

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Those common dietary habits, which lead to obesity
Most people make breakfast on a holiday in the afternoon rather than the usual, and this habit can lead to obesity.
The claim came from a medical study in Spain.

It has already been proven that people working at night shifts and those who suffer from sleep deprivation are at greater risk of increasing body weight because they are likely to consume most of their diet at night and This is when our body is not accustomed to digesting processed foods, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat.

Research from the University of Barcelona looked at the extent to which a slight change in dietary routine could affect body weight.

Researchers say that it is very common that most people get up late for holidays and then eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner too late.

Over 1100 students were hired during the research and found out what their mealtimes are on normal days and weekly holidays.

Researchers discovered that two-thirds of people ate breakfast on an average for an hour on a holiday, and students who were later were more likely to have bodyweight than others.

These results were not related to dietary quality, sleep duration or physical exercise.

The results showed that eating at the same time every day at breakfast and other times can help people gain extra body weight.

According to research, eating late one day a week also affects the internal body clock system, which helps our body digest certain times of the day.

Researchers say that if you have breakfast at 7 am daily and the time is 9 am on holiday, the physical clock becomes confused.


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