The use of sweeteners during pregnancy increases the risk of obesity in the baby

The use of sweeteners during pregnancy increases the risk of obesity in the baby

The use of artificial sweeteners with low calories during pregnancy affects the increase in body fat and the gastrointestinal bacteria after birth, which may increase the risk of multiple diseases.

This was revealed in a Canadian medical study.

According to research from the University of Calgary, the use of sweetener during pregnancy affects the baby's body weight, glucose tolerance and gastrointestinal bacteria.

Researchers say artificial sweeteners with low calories are considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but research reports on humans have shown evidence of increased body weight and cardiovascular disease. Danger elements may be encountered.

This artificial sweetener is made from plants native to South America and is used in many natural products and protein drinks.

According to research, the prevalence of obesity around the world has led to an increase in the use of sweeteners, especially among women and children.

Researchers say understanding the effects of nutrients and gastrointestinal bacteria during pregnancy will help determine the best diet for the mother, which will help both mothers and babies in the future.

This artificial sweetener leads to an increase in body weight, but not all the details of this process are currently clear, but it is believed that changes in gastrointestinal bacteria may be one of the most important causes.

Experiments on mice in this new study showed that sweeteners affected body weight gain and blood glucose control systems, even as their children, who were always away from sweeteners, had changes in their gastrointestinal bacteria and Obesity suffers

Researchers say that a healthy pregnancy includes a good diet, which is essential for a healthy baby. We will continue to research what the best diet is during pregnancy and how it interferes with the gastrointestinal bacterial system.


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