The "Enemy of the dengue" mosquitoes ready

The "Enemy of the dengue" mosquitoes ready

The "Enemy of the dengue" mosquitoes ready
California: Experts from the United States, Australia and Taiwan have done joint research to develop mosquitoes that cannot be infected with the dengue virus; and as a result, they do not cause dengue.

This feat has been accomplished through advanced genetic engineering, which has the potential to create a unique antibody to mosquito-borne "Aedes aegypti" mosquitoes. Thanks to this antibody, these mosquitoes are able to infect dengue viruses, not spread them, nor spread them to other mosquitoes and humans.

In a report published in the latest issue of the PLOS Pathogens, an online medical research journal, experts hope that by producing large numbers of similar genetically modified mosquitoes in the future, they will help prevent the spread of dengue virus and the dengue fever.
There are four types of dengue virus, while according to the World Health Organization (WHO), all four types of dengue virus affect an estimated 39 million people every year worldwide, of which only 9 million Dengue is diagnosed by bringing a hospital or medical centre. About one million of them go to death.

The dengue epidemic has been devastating in Pakistan since 2006, but current government efforts to control it seem insufficient. Although the annual outbreak of dengue has been significantly lower for some years in the middle, it has become more severe again last year.

According to World Health Organization data, during 2019, 47,120 people were certified infected with dengue in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, out of which 75 died.

Genetic engineering of dengue virus-protected mosquitoes is also happy that if this strategy is successful, mosquitoes will also be resistant to chicken and guinea and Zika viruses by advancing the same lines. ۔ That way we can only use the spreading mosquitoes against the disease.



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