Take tea if you want to avoid heart disease and stroke

Take tea if you want to avoid heart disease and stroke

Drink tea if you want to avoid heart disease and stroke
Beijing: Experts have come to the conclusion that after ten years of research in China, people who drink tea at least three times a week for seven days are more likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke. Are less than the most important of the benefits of tea is the "polyphenols" type of compounds found in foods other than black and green tea.
According to the Chinese Academy of Biological Sciences in Beijing, a study conducted on more than 100,000 healthy people for 10 years found that only three to four times a week, one cup of tea was found in the heart. The risk of illness and stroke was significantly lower than those who did not drink tea.
On the one hand, the research revealed that the main reason for the benefits associated with tea is the "polyphenols" compounds in it. On the other hand, green tea drinkers benefit more than black tea. reached. Similarly, those who were accustomed to drinking more tea for a long period of time, that is, they consumed at least one or two cups of tea daily; their rates of heart disease and stroke were significantly lower than those who drank less tea. ۔

Adult tea smokers reported lower rates of heart disease or stroke by 22% compared to non-tea drinkers, while their deaths from other medical diseases were also down by 15%.

People who drink tea in high doses and for longer periods have the added benefit of reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke by up to 56%.
Some experts have criticized the study, suggesting only the relationship between the consumption of tea and deaths from cardiovascular or stroke. So it shows that tea and heart disease/stroke are interrelated, but it does not prove that all the benefits are due to tea.

To know this requires a more systematic study in which to carefully examine various aspects.


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