Significant progress toward revolutionary cancer treatment

Significant progress toward revolutionary cancer treatment

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Significant progress towards revolutionary cancer treatment
Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, which is possible to cure but when it is diagnosed early and therefore the mortality rate is very high.

However, scientists have now discovered new immune cells that can eradicate most types of cancer and are likely to make significant progress in treating the disease.

Scientists at Cardiff University in the UK accidentally discovered the cells.

These scientists were looking at blood cells in a blood bank capable of fighting bacteria, and in the meantime, they discovered an entirely new type of T cells (immune cells).

These new cells carry a receptor that carries cancer cells by neglecting healthy cells.

Laboratory research reports that these new cells can kill cancerous cells of the lungs, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, bladder, kidney and other types.

The discovery of such cells is extremely unusual, said Professor Andrew Sewell, head of the research team, who will make universal therapy possible by improving cancer-fighting therapies.

They said it was a startling discovery because no one knew about the presence of these cells.

"Our discovery will help to create a cure for cancer, a single T-cell that can eliminate many types of cancer. No one was convinced that this would ever happen,"

"These cells are very rare or it may be that most people have this receptor, but for some reason, they do not activate, we do not know about it yet,"

Therapies are available for certain types of cancer with the help of immune cells, but they are only effective for certain types of blood cancers and do not work on solid messenger, which is found in most cancer cases.

According to scientists, these new cells can be linked to a molecule of cancerous cells and thus not only can treat many types of cancer but can also be shared among people, meaning the establishment of such banks. Where these specialized cells will be housed.

Scientists injected these cells into the bodies of mice that were human cancer and had the human immune system in them, the results of these experiments being encouraging and eliminating cancer.

According to scientists, these cells not only eliminate the cancer cells of skin cancer patients but can also be used in the laboratory to eradicate other infected cells.

He said his trial on cancer patients could begin by November this year, but further work would be done in the laboratory to ensure patient safety.

The results of this research were published in the journal Nature Immunology.


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