Painful filing of the teeth will be possible with a gel

Painful filing of the teeth will be possible with a gel

No need to turn to doctors for dental problems too soon, but a gel can be helpful.

Cavities or dental implants are a common problem all over the world, and they are flown to doctors to control what is a very painful procedure but not treated for severe pain, tooth loss, infection, but life-threatening diseases. Can also lead to cancer.

Research published in the medical journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces revealed that a bioactive peptide (gel) was able to prevent new cavities from laboratory tests and to fill existing cavities.

As noted above, for the treatment of cavities, the affected tooth tissue is removed and the hole is filled with material, but this process also damages the healthy tissues while the patients also suffer from severe discomfort. Is.

In view of this, experts at Hong Kong University devised strategies to ensure the cure and prevention of tooth decay.

Researchers developed this gel (called H5) with human saliva combustion glands, which absorb on the surface of teeth, eliminating various types of bacteria and fungi.

To speed up the mineralization, the team added phosphoserine to an end of H-5, which they thought would be better than natural H-5 for dental surface repair.

When the modified gel was applied to human beards, the researchers found that it absorbed more strongly to the tooth surface, killed more bacteria and protected the teeth from demineralization.

However, these two gels promote the same mineralization and he said that after brushing the teeth, in the near future, people will be able to avoid this painful filing by applying the gel to the teeth and protecting the teeth.



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