Onion, garlic not effective to protect against corona virus: IPH

Onion, garlic not effective to protect against corona virus: IPH

LAHORE: The Institute of Public Health (IPH) Punjab has announced that there is no scientific evidence that could prove effective onion and garlic supplements in protecting or treating the coronavirus.

However, a balanced diet and good hygiene status can protect against the virus.

Professor Zarfashan Tahir, Dean of IPH and other public health experts said this at a public awareness seminar at the institute.

He said those who suffer from a cold or cough should wear a mask and use coughing or sneezing tissue paper to keep others safe.

Wearing a healthy person's masks will not help prevent the Coronavirus, he said.

Dr Zarfashan said that the coronavirus is not a new disease, it has changed its appearance and that personal hygiene and preventative measures can be easily protected from the virus.

Regular washing and the use of good diets increase the immune system's strength, he said.

Dr. Zarfashan said that IPH has issued the necessary guidelines for the protection of the virus and IPH will also use the Virtual University's media channels to spread the message of health to the people.

On this occasion, Dr. Hadiya said that there is no special diet for coronavirus patients.

He added that there was no scientific evidence that onions or garlic were useful in the treatment or prevention of the corona virus; the public should not heed this kind of speculation or misinformation spread by any media.

Dr. Hadiya clarified that 'there is no specific vaccine or drug for the virus'.

Dr Samiya said that in this situation, he should not be discouraged, he made it clear that the use of meat and the care of pets or birds had nothing to do with the spread of the corona virus and those who heard such rumors. He is not doing good to the people.

He added that people can get information by contacting Corona Virus helpline 1166.

Health experts advise the public to take precautionary measures by avoiding public places and regularly washing their hands and not worrying.

He said that the nasal passages should go to the doctor or hospital immediately for a cough and shortness of breath so that the diagnosis and treatment can be done.


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