Now green tea also extends the life

Now green tea also extends the life

Posted on Jan 10, 2020

Now green tea also extends the life
Beijing: You may be aware of the many benefits of green tea, but now the news is that green tea can also help with ageing overall.

The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has done a long study to find out. For this, they reviewed over one million people who did not have diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer
The participants in the research were divided into two groups. One of these groups reported drinking green tea three or more times a week, while occasional green tea drinkers said they drink less than three cups of tea a week.
The study continued for seven consecutive years and the results have been published in the European General of Pre-Vent Cardiology. The study found that people who banned green tea use reduced their risk of stroke and heart attack by 20% and the risk of dying by 22%. Similarly, the risk of death from any disease was 15% lower.

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Now, people who occasionally drink green tea have seen an increase in heart artery disease after 50 years, and on average 50 years after two years, they suffered from a stroke and heart disease, but those who did not have green tea. They caused many health problems and proved fatal.
Another study found that drinking three cups or more of green tea a week could reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease by 39 percent and the risk of a fatal heart attack by 56 percent. That's why experts advise that green tea should be a part of your life.


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