Normal rate of heartbeat varies per person, research

Normal rate of heartbeat varies per person, research

Posted on Feb 7, 2020

Can you tell how many times a heart beats in a minute? Or how often should it be beaten?

Any idea how many times a healthy heart beats in simple words?

It was previously thought that in adults, the rate of heart rate between 60 and 100 can be considered normal.

But now it seems that the time has come to change that idea, at least one research result indicates this.

In fact, the rate of normal heartbeat varies from person to person, and the difference can be up to 70 beats per minute.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

The Scripps Research Transitional Institute's research suggests that heart rate varies from quiet to calm.

For this purpose, in the data of about one lakh people, their heart rate was seen to be fixed and the number varied.

For 2 years thereafter, the men were given a rust band that tracked their heartbeat, which was faster or slower according to their activities.

In some people, the normal heart rate was 40 per minute while in some it was 109 beats per minute.

This was partly due to age, sex and weight, while other factors such as smoking and physical activity also influence heart rate.

In most people, the rate of heart rate continued to be constant throughout the day, and even minor changes could indicate an illness.

Researchers also discovered some changes in the rate of beating with the seasons, such as a slight increase in January and a decrease in July.

The results of the research indicate that more research is needed in this regard so that important changes can be taken prematurely.

Researchers say that daily changes in calm heart rate are an important vitreous sign that has now been determined by wearable sensor technologies. Discover the different elements (listed above).


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