Mobile phones can cause of infecting with coronavirus, Research

Mobile phones can cause of infecting with coronavirus, Research

Mobile phones can contain all kinds of germs and cleaning them often can reduce the risk of transmitting the new coronavirus.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in Australia.

The study analyzed 56 medical research reports to assess the risk of bacterial and viral contamination of mobile phones.

The study was conducted in 24 countries between 2006 and 2019 and preceded the Code 19 epidemic.

Bond University research has shown that mobile phones contain not only bacteria but also thousands of germs, including viruses and fungi.

Researchers found that on average, 68% of mobile phones contain a variety of germs, some of which are resistant to antibiotics.

The researchers did not conduct a new test on the presence of the new Novel Coronavirus on phones but said there was a strong possibility that mobile phones could be responsible for the rapid spread of COVID 19.

"The virus that causes COVID 19 can survive for many days on glass, plastic and stainless steel, and mobile phones are a host of germs because we don't clean them and we take them everywhere," he said. And keep it with you at all times.

This includes the process of eating, sleeping space and even many people take the toilet while they are also used in planes and trains.

He acknowledged that all everyday items are contaminated with germs to some extent, but nothing can compete with mobile phones in terms of germ contamination.


He advised cleaning the phone before washing his hands.

He said that in order to be safe, everyone should understand that mobile phones are a source of bacterial contamination and they should clean their hands.

According to him, mobile phones are shared more than other people and if this is not done, the possibility of virus transmission may be less.

The study was published in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases


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