Low-fat milk helps to prevent ageing

Low-fat milk helps to prevent ageing

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

Low-fat milk helps to prevent ageing
New York: Low-fat milk can slow down the ageing process, and a survey has revealed that using it slows down the telomerase secretion on the human chromosome.

We know that the length of the telomeres decreases with age.
We know that as we get older, the protective telomeres on the edges of the chromosome become smaller. It is directly related to age. Experts have now discovered a link between low-grade grease and telomerase, suggesting that research could add up to several years in human life.

Researchers at Brigham Young University recruited 5834 people who drank different types of milk regularly. Half of these people were weaned daily, and 25% said that they drink milk once a week. One-third of the participants said they like to drink whole-fat milk. 30% said they prefer two per cent fat-containing milk. 10% said they drink 1% greasy milk and 13% said they are not willing to drink milk.

Experts from different groups of researchers found that telomeres were smaller in those who were breastfeeding, and those who continued to drink two percent of the fat, the telomeres were longer, which could be equivalent to four years of life. Is.
The strange thing is that over-fat milk does not promote telomerase and thus this type of milk has no benefit. However, other experts disagree, saying that perhaps those who drink two percent of fatty milk have a better idea of exercise, diet and their health, and these have not been included in the survey.
This is why critics have called for more research into the matter.


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