Excessive use of fruit during pregnancy can help speed up a child’s mental development

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Excessive use of fruit during pregnancy can help speed up a child’s mental development.

This was revealed in a Canadian medical study.

Basically, it is a new investigation conducted to confirm the results of the 2016 University of Alberta research.

Earlier research discovered that excessive use of fruits by the mother during pregnancy affects the child’s mental development even a year after birth.

Researchers said that the results of the original research were overwhelming, but at this time we could not prove the reason for the use of fruits.

To determine the extent to which fruits affect children’s mental development, researchers conducted experiments on mice and found that the use of fruit juice supplements was higher in animals during pregnancy.

They discovered that these rat children performed better in memory tests than in previous studies.

Researchers say that the results apply to humans as well, and we can confirm that overuse of fruit during pregnancy helps improve the mental development of newborns.

He added that the idea that diet affects mental health and mental functions has recently become the focus.

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