Eating by hand instead of a spoon improves the taste of food : Research

Eating by hand instead of a spoon improves the taste of food : Research

Eating by hand instead of a spoon improves the taste of food, but doing so may also increase the weight of the body.

This claim came to light in a US medical study.

The Stevens Institute of Technology study found that touching food stimulates the brain's system before compelling it into the mouth of the nasal passage, believing that food is delicious and feeling more satisfying than spoonfuls.

But researchers also discovered that the effects appear in people who are usually accustomed to eating out of hand.

In comparison, people who are accustomed to eating food in every way, do not feel better about eating it by hand.

For the research, 45 volunteers were asked to eat cheese, but half were instructed to use the stick, while the rest were by hand.

Research, published in the Journal of Retailing, said that it not only increases people's desire for food but also a simple way for hotels to make the dining experience more enjoyable for consumers.

During the research, 45 students were shown the cheese and were instructed to grab it before eating and ask questions about their dietary habits.

The results, which found that people who had more control over food, found it more delicious and appetizing when they ate the cheese with their hands, but in people who controlled themselves on the food issue. This effect was not seen.

Researchers say that it seems that the mental information of individuals in both groups does not work the same way, and the results indicate that when people with self-control over food are touched by food, Food becomes more attractive and appealing to them.

In this regard, in the second experiment, researchers formed two groups of 145 students and one group was instructed to refrain from eating more in order to stay fit and healthy, while cautioning the dieters and instructing the other group. It is important that they do not worry about weight and eat whatever they want.

Researchers discovered that when people in the self-control group reacted to the diet, their response was positive and the brain function was stimulated, making the diet more palatable to them.

Two years ago, these researchers also discovered that just the aroma of coffee can help boost performance in mathematics.


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