Doctors feat, reattached the severed arm

Doctors feat, reattached the severed arm

Posted on Feb 11, 2020

Doctors feat, reattached the severed arm
New Delhi: A 4-year-old boy's cut-off hand has been reattached in India, save the child with a lifetime disability.

The 4-year-old belonged to Manjri, a village in India. The child suffered a horrific accident while playing with a lawnmower on the lawn one day and his hand was severely hit.


The baby was immediately taken to the hospital where a micro-vascular surgeon Dr Abhishek Ghosh checked in a child.

The X-ray revealed that the bone of the baby's hand was connected to the body, and only his skin and tissues were separated from the body. After that, the doctors started to make sure that the child survived a lifetime disability.

After careful examination by the doctors, it was discovered that the main blood vessel in the hand was damaged, but there was still a small blood vein in the body that separated it.

Doctors immediately started trying to keep the vein active. The vein was first attached to the central vein, and when blood flow was restored in the hand, the work was started to fully attach the hand.

In this 6-hour-long operation, the doctors stitched a single vein of the hand and eventually successfully performed this microscopic operation.

According to doctors, the baby is now well and his fingers are beginning to move. After a full recovery, the child will also be given some physiotherapy sessions so that he can move his hand correctly.


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