Discover the link between social media and food choices

Discover the link between social media and food choices

The current era can be termed as social media apps or sites that can play a significant role in changing your life, especially diet.

This was revealed in a UK study.

Austin Media's School of Life and Health Sciences researchers found that social media consumers may prefer fruit vegetables to junk food when they think their friends are doing the same.

The research revealed that these volunteers made it a habit to eat more fruits and vegetables when they thought their friends were doing the same on social media.

But this could be reversed as researchers also discovered that Facebook users began consuming more harmful foods and sugary drinks when they believed that people in their social media circle were doing so.

The results indicate that if we find that online friends are eating more junk food, we start to do the same.

Researchers said that for the first time, the results showed evidence that social media could influence our dietary habits and encourage healthy food consumption.

In a study published in the Journal Appetite, 369 university students were asked what amount of fruits, vegetables, sweet drinks and other foods they consumed when eating with their Facebook friends on a daily basis.

Researchers say they will take a brief look at a group of people in the next phase to see how social media impacts nutritional habits on a long-term basis.

"The results indicate that our friends are more influenced by expectations than we are about food choices, and when we feel that friends are happy to consume too much junk food and sweet drinks, it can hurt us," he said. Foods get a 'license' to eat.

Researchers say that nowadays, children and young people spend more time on social media than interacting with friends, so these results are very important, which will help to adopt healthy eating habits.


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