Combining these 7 nutrients can be extremely harmful to eat

Combining these 7 nutrients can be extremely harmful to eat

Combining these 7 nutrients can be extremely harmful to eat
Diet is a basic requirement of the human being, which provides energy to the body but if the diet is not properly combined with other foods, then instead of supplying energy to the body, it becomes fatal and causes bad effects on the system.

For example, if mixed with dates, milk is a good and nutritious beverage, which is very tasty as well as nutritious, but there are some foods that are different. As well as the adverse effects on our health.

Coffee and sandwiches:

Most people are in a hurry in the morning because everyone has to arrive at their office, school or college. It is very easy to make a sandwich, and when added to the cheese, the body provides full nutrition but remember if the sandwich If you drink coffee with it, it will eliminate all the benefits of cheese. It will also have adverse effects on the digestive system.

Potatoes and meat:

Potato meat is cooked in almost every house and in case of potato fries, it is eaten without starvation if I have burgers, but diet experts say that the diet is too heavy for the stomach and the stomach is very rich in this food. Hardly digests.

Remember! Potatoes contain starch and the protein from the meat is acidic and eating them together increases the risk of developing heartburn, acidity, gas and many diseases.

Tomato and Cucumber:

Summer or winter tomatoes and cucumbers are eaten every season, but modern research has shown that eating both of them affects the body's biochemical pathways and increases the risk of inflammation.
Experts say that if the cucumber is eaten in combination with tomatoes, the vitamins of both vegetables do not digest, so refrain from mixing both vegetables in a salad.

Banana and milk:

Mixing bananas with milk and drinking them is a common thing that comes in the comfort of every home and market, but nutritionists say that the consumption of more sweet fruit with milk is heavy on the stomach, which is difficult for the stomach to digest. happens.

Soda & Salt, Peanuts & Potato Chips:

These foods are often consumed at home, but you know that soda should not be used with salt, peanuts or potato chips as it is harmful to health. There are.

Salt, peanuts and potato chips are high in salt and sugar is absorbed in the soda; excessive use of salt dehydrates the body and can lead to diabetes by rapidly adding soda to the blood. ۔

Pasta and Price:

Pasta and Prices also apply to the law of potato meat, the gland in the gastrointestinal gland converts pasta into sugar and in combination with sugar protein (meat) produces a harmful chemical that can cause diabetes.

Pineapple and dairy:

False fruits slow down the digestive system and increase the risk of inactivation if anything is made with them.



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