Coffee is Delicious drinks that help strengthen bones

Coffee is Delicious drinks that help strengthen bones

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

Coffee is the hottest beverage in the world for millions of people, and drinking it can potentially help strengthen bones.

This claim came to light in a Hong Kong study.

Researchers searched 564 adult adults and divided them into 2 groups, one for coffee drinkers and the other for those who abstained from alcoholic beverages, to determine their bone density to be compared.

The results showed that mineral density was significantly higher in the bones of coffee drinkers, which is also a sign of strong bones.

Researchers identified 3 specific molecules that were linked to coffee drinkers and strong bones and reduced the risk of fracture.

According to research, the habit of drinking coffee is linked to increased bone density.

It is to be noted that this research was done on a small scale and in the past, the results regarding the effects of bones on coffee use have been inconsistent.

Earlier research reports said that caffeine use causes calcium excretion from the body, while Harvard Health said in a report that the idea was never confirmed and that calcium emissions from coffee are low. That it cannot be linked to bone weakness.

Coffee is considered a healthy beverage and is believed to reduce the risk of diabetes type two, liver diseases, Alzheimer's and other diseases.


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