Cholera may be the first symptom of COVID-19 in some people, research

Cholera may be the first symptom of COVID-19 in some people, research

Posted on Apr 3, 2020

Covid-19 disease caused by the new Novel Coronavirus, some patients have digestive problems Cholera in particular is the first symptom.

This was revealed in a new medical study.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Journal of Gastroenterology, in those patients whose cholera appears as the first symptom, the severity of the disease was mild; In some cases, such symptoms do not appear.

Researchers say that this discovery is important because common cases of Covid19, such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, are often not diagnosed in such cases and can spread the disease to other people. ۔

But he also said that diarrheal diseases are very common and that their victims do not have to be covid 19, but in case of sudden diarrhea, it is important to think about epidemic disease, because if the patient is not diagnosed early. Healthy individuals can be prone to this virus.

This is not the first research in which digestive problems have been identified as a sign of Covid-19, a similar research earlier published in March.

In a study conducted on 200 patients treated at 3 hospitals in Wuhan, China, it was discovered that at least one in 50% complained of a digestive problem, 18% in cholera, vomiting or stomach. Mentioned the pain.

But that research was about more sick people rather than mutants.

The new research was conducted by the Union Hospital of Tong Ji Medical College in Wuhan and included 206 patients.

The severity of the disease was mild in all these patients and they did not experience problems such as difficulty breathing or low oxygen in the blood.

In these patients the duration of the cholera lasted from one to 14 days and the average was 5 days.

One-third of patients with digestive problems said they had never complained of fever.

Researchers also discovered that people suffering from digestive disorders often turn to delayed medical treatment compared to people with respiratory problems.

Studies have shown that diarrhea sufferers also need more time to defeat Covid 19 and that the average duration of a virus test negative is 41 days, while the average patient is 33 days. 

Researchers also say that the number of such viruses in the waste of such patients can be up to 73%, whereas in respiratory patients it is 14%. But it cannot be confirmed yet that this virus affects the esophagus.

He said that this research was done on a limited scale and that more people would do research to help explain the symptoms of diarrhea.

The World Health Organization in February detailed the symptoms of Covid 19 after analyzing more than 55,000 cases in China.

The following are the most common symptoms and rates in patients:

Fever 88%

Dry cough 68%

Fatigue 38%

33% with sputum cough or thick mucus

19% difficulty breathing

Bone or joint problems 15%

Throat swelling 14%

Headache 14%

Frostbite 11%

Vomiting or nausea 5%

Nose closure 5%

Cholera 4%

One percent blood cough

One percent swelling of eyes.


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