Can UltraSound Cure Cancer?

Can UltraSound Cure Cancer?

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Can UltraSound Cure Cancer?
PASADENA, California - Scientists have succeeded in eliminating low-intensity ultrasound waves on cancerous tumours (cancerous tumours) in such a way that nothing happens to healthy cells nearby.

Let us be clear that ultrasound is actually just waves of sound that our ears cannot hear. Ultrasound is nothing short of a cancerous tumour but this technique has been in use for years.

However, for this purpose, high-intensity ultrasound waves have been used for focus (focus), destroying the cancerous tumour as well as the surrounding healthy cells. In this way, it is sometimes upside down rather than beneficial to the patient.
In this regard, experts from the California Institute of Technology and the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute have discovered that if low-intensity ultrasound waves are used instead of high intensity, in order to make ultrasound safer. Only the cells that have been targeted will be destroyed. The cells other than these will be perfectly safe.

He also noted that low-intensity ultrasound is harmless to healthy cells but kills the cells in the cancerous tumours due to their important appearance.

Knowing this, he experimented with new techniques on cancerous apostles that had significant successes. The results of this research are published in the latest issue of the Research Journal, "Applied Physics Letter."

Now, these scientists intend to test low-intensity focused ultrasound to eliminate cancerous tumours in humans, which they will have to get permission from the respective departments.


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