An easy-to-eat dietary supplement that helps dissolve body fat

An easy-to-eat dietary supplement that helps dissolve body fat

Posted on Mar 2, 2020

If you want to mix up excess body fat, not only look at how much you eat but also know when to eat.

In fact, having a good breakfast in the morning and avoiding nocturnal nightmares help reduce body weight and reduce fat.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

Vanderbilt University research reveals that our biological clock and sleep regulate how foods are metabolized, but fat intake or carbohydrate changes depend on the time of day or night.

Our body's biological clock is programmed to dissolve fat during sleep, so when we do not have breakfast and eat something before going to bed at night, the fat dissolves.

The study involved middle-aged and elderly people and was made part of two separate 56-hour sessions.

During each session, day and dinner were given at one time while the third mealtime was kept different, ie breakfast was given at 8 pm but some people were given some food at 10 pm.

In the research published in the medical journal JournalPlus Biology, overnight eating duration was similar in both sessions.

There was no difference in dietary intake or variety in both sessions, but researchers found that breakfast or dinner was altered by metabolism levels in physical activity, biological clock, and sleep.

The study found that overnight snacks reduced fat intake compared to breakfast.

Likewise, the effect of digestion and storage on the day and dinner hours was influenced.

Researchers emphasize that if you want to lose bodyweight and add extra body fat, eating nothing during dinner and breakfast may be effective.

Last month, research from Germany's Lubeck University also revealed that our bodies can digest food better in the morning, no matter how high the calories.

Researchers reviewed the effects of eating different times of the day and examined how the body processed the diet.

At night, our body has the lowest rate of processing of energy from the diet, and this, in turn, increases the chance of obesity.

Sixteen men were hired during the study, and researchers discovered that the process is two and a half times faster in the morning, regardless of the number of calories.

They also discovered that having breakfast in the morning increases blood sugar and insulin levels less than at night.

According to research, having a light or low-calorie breakfast leads to a feeling of hunger while the desire for a sweet meal increases.

Researchers say that to prevent obesity and blood sugar levels from rising, breakfast is more important than dinner.

The average age of the people involved in the study was 23 years and their normal weight was normal


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