A prescription is mandatory for the sale of chloroquine

A prescription is mandatory for the sale of chloroquine

Posted on Mar 24, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Drug regulatory authorities Pakistan (DRAP) have warned citizens that chloroquine use has been received by several people as a potential precautionary treatment for COVD-19. And can also cause a heart attack.

Be aware that preventive treatment is done to prevent any disease.

Dr. Asim Rauf, chief executive officer of DREP, said: "It is regrettable that people have started using the drug without the advice of medical experts. We want to warn them that the drug has dangerous side effects. Which is why we decided to add it to the list of medicines that are sold on a prescription. '

Medical stores, like controlled drugs, must keep a copy of the prescription for the sale of chloroquine, he said.

"We have begun to take stock of the drug, and according to our records there are 25 million pills and 9,000 kilograms of raw material in the market at present," he added.

"The stock can last up to a year, but unauthorized purchase and storage by the public can reduce the market," he said.

Dr. Asim Rauf said that without the doctor's instructions, the use of chloroquine could damage organ fibers, such as the liver and heart, as it is a toxic drug.


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